The Trésor de Boizel collection, 2 first old vintages

Well hidden in a secret corner of the maze of underground galleries, a cellar that the family has always called "the Treasury" brings together the greatest vintages of Champagne Boizel.They have been preciously preserved by successive generations since the founding of the House in 1834.In 2021, they are gradually emerging from the shadows of the cellars to give birth to the Trésor Collection.

Maison Boizel is one of the rare houses to have kept bottles from the year it was created in 1834.A concentrate of history!

"These are our liquid archives," underline Florent and Lionel Roques-Boizel, who took over from their parents Evelyne and Christophe at the helm of the House.Like old books in a family library, these bottles have survived through time, wars, revolutions, to reach us intact.Each generation has put aside its best vintages to pass them on to the next, constituting a real treasure.We opened a few bottles as a family for exceptional occasions.note the cellaring potential of these Champagnes.Not only have they aged well, but they have developed an incredible aromatic complexity and depth! "

This unique and rare treasure, Florent and Lionel have decided to unveil part of it by creating the Trésor Collection: a few vintages, in very limited quantities, can thus be tasted by great Champagne lovers all over the world.will be recently disgorged and little dosed in order to preserve the authenticity of the wines.

The Trésor Collection, destined to grow richer over the years, was launched with two first vintages: 1985 and 1990, both disgorged in June 2019.

Posted Date: 2021-03-14

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